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Testimonials for Koru Nutrition

Care & Guidance...
I have been under Kylie's care and guidance for several months. It is a great pleasure to work with her. Kylie's approach is professional and she takes great interest in helping and caring for her clients. The knowledge, conviction and honesty she speaks with, as well as her understanding manner motivates you and makes it easy for you to follow her guidelines and instructions. Passion for her work and readiness to help her clients radiate from her the moment she comes to your door.

Kylie will lead you in a firm but very gentle way so you never feel like you are being pushed; rather, you feel encouraged and motivated to follow her guidance. By using the products and diet that were recommended by Kylie I got amazing results. Previously, my life revolved around surviving day by day, as well as having to deal with pain, fatigue, low energy levels and depression which I was trying to control by taking prescription medication, which helped to some extent but were only a day-to-day solution that was not really satisfying. However, under Kylie's guidance I started to gain control over my fatigue, in that I was able to keep my pain and depression at a level that didn't wipe me out.

Eating the right food and taking the supplements I needed helped along with my prescription medication so that my days are different; now, I can enjoy my life better since I feel stronger and I have more energy to fight my pain. I also have been motivated to develop a regular routine of exercise and now find pleasure in socializing with others.

I would say that Kylie saved me from a deep pit that I was in. Believe me, life can be different for you; even if your circumstances have changed you can gain control if you allow a professional to help you. Get that help and you'll never regret it.

- Client struggling with depression and chronic pain

Encouraging, Positive and Professional...
"Kylie is great at what she does. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She was very encouraging, positive and professional. The weekly calls really helped keep me on track.

Since I started my program I feel so much better and have tons of energy. She has unlimited knowledge on nutrition and health in general. She really takes her time to get to know you and your individual needs and is able to incorporate that into your personal program. She is very passionate about health and nutrition. She also provided information on incorporating exercise to get best results. She taught me how to be healthy without depriving myself. I highly recommend seeing Kylie if you are ready to lead a healthier, happier life."

- Danielle

Positive life change...
"Since working with Kylie and using the vitamins and supplements I have been able to eliminate some of my prescribed medications including Lyrica. I feel better with increased energy, mood and a steady weight loss too. Since Kylie began working with me and with the supplements she provided I was excited to find that my brain tumor had shrunk. Kylie shares information in a way I can understand and implement in my daily life.

Since working with Kylie she has enriched my life as well as that of my husband and kids. No doubt your experience will be as positive and life changing as mine has been."

- Client with brain injury, brain tumor and fibromyalgia

Accommodating, approachable, energizing...
Kylie was able to assess my situation in a very relaxed and knowledgeable way and accommodate my likes, dislikes and preferences, helping to facilitate "thinking outside of the box" while still keeping the changes and principals needed in my nutritional plan.

I feel that Kylie bring a wealth of knowledge to the nutrition aspect enhanced by her occupational therapy skills. She is approachable, flexible, and creative in helping support following her recommendations and consuming the recommended dietary supplements and ways of changing my habits of eating, cooking and attitudes toward more healthy food choices. She was also able to suggest interventions for eating out of the home and to accommodate family diet changes. With her assistance, I have lost weight, inches, have less pain in my knees and back, sleep better, have more energy, improved concentration and stabilized my mood.

I would and have recommended her to clients, friends, colleagues and family and would not hesitant to continue to do so.

- Gail, Toronto.

Warmth and expertise...
"After a few mediocre experiences with various naturopaths, I discovered Chris. Her passion and excitement for what she does is contagious and I've made some lasting changes as a result of her guidance. Chris's warmth, patience, dedication, and expertise made me feel valued as a client and she always went above and beyond to provide holistic solutions. She works hard to truly understand her clients' needs and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends and family."

- Diana, Toronto.

Chris was a HUGE help with Elyssa, my 6 year old, who at the time was suffering from bad facial rashes around her nose and mouth. After sitting down with Chris and reviewing our family's dietary habits and food choices, she suggested changes for Elyssa's diet. Chris gave me a lot of information on foods and their effects on our body. She took the time to advise us on alternative foods that would help us with the transition away from dairy and still get the Calcium that we need. She was a huge help.

Since that time, I never hesitate going to Chris for advice. She has taken the time to talk with me about vitamins/minerals/supplements and foods that can help me during my menstrual cycles (and all that comes with it) as well as helping to prepare my body for the upcoming peri-menopausal stage my body is quickly moving toward. I highly recommend Chris to anyone searching for advice and guidance in all aspects of health and wellness regarding both food and exercise. Thanks for everything Chris!!!!!!!

-Tiffany, Toronto.

After a battle with a serious health issue I found I had very little energy and I had gained 30 lbs. Chris did a very in-depth questionnaire and asked me many health-related questions. She helped me understand the impact that food has on my body, the right foods to eat, when to eat and how to combine them so that I lost weight and feel great. To date I have lost 20 lbs and I have much more energy - she is amazing!

- Pat, Toronto.

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