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Did you know that if you are 5% dehydrated it will affect your memory and if you are 2% dehydrated you have already lost 25-35% of your energy


Do you have low stomach acid?

If you have any of these symptoms, score 1 for each "yes" answer :

Bloating, belching, burning or wind immediately after eating
Dilated blood vessels in cheeks and nose
Diarrhea or constipation
Iron deficiency
Itchy rectum
Nausea after taking supplements
Sense of fullness after eating
Pimples or acne
Undigested food in stool
Persistent mucus in throat
In addition:
Do you always eat in a rush?
Do you chew your food properly?

Your score = /15     Calculate

High score = 5 (including two for the first 3 symptoms) OR 7 (not including the first 2)

If you obtained a high score it is recommended that you take a digestive enzyme with HCL. If you do not have a stomach ulcer then go to the koru nutrition supplement store to purchase:

Pan ox 5 (from Douglas Labs) $23.95

Do you have low levels of digestive enzymes?

If you have any of these symptoms score 1 for each "yes" answer :

Adnominal bloating or swelling
Gas after meals
Undigested food particles in stools
Signs of poor digestion of fatty foods
Weak, peeling or cracked fingernails
Any skin condition
Reoccurring headaches
Fatigue in spite of a good diet and regular sleep
Inability to gain muscle despite regular weight training
In addition:
Do you always eat in a rush?
Do you not chew your food properly?

Your score = /15     Calculate

High score = 7 or more

If you scored 4 or more you should take a digestive enzyme.

To increase your digestive enzymes go to the Koru Nutrition supplement store to purchase:
Zymes (from AOR) $31.95

Are you getting enough essential fats?

Please tick the box if you have any of the following :
Do you have difficulty learning?
Do you have poor memory or difficulty concentrating?
Do you have poor coordination or impaired vision?
Do you have dry, unmanageable hair or dandruff?
Do you have dry, or rough skin or a tendency to eczema?
Do you have brittle, easily frayed or soft nails?
Are you often thirsty?
Do you suffer from PMS or tenderness?
Do you suffer from dry, watery or itchy eyes?
Do you have inflammatory health problems such as arthritis?
Do you have high blood pressure or high blood lipids?

Your score = /11     Calculate

If you answered yes to more than 4 questions you may have a deficiency in essential fats. Essential fast cannot be made in your body and has to be obtained through diet. Check that you are eating enough oily fish, nuts and seeds (raw and unsalted) and healthy oils. To increase your level of essential fats go to the Koru Nutrition supplement store to purchase:

Liquid form: Opti EPA liquid (by Douglas labs) $56.55
Capsule form: Super EFA (by Genestra) $33.95

Please note that Fish oils are a natural blood thinner so please consult with your doctor if you take blood thinning medication. Please do not take if you are planning to undergo surgery.

Do you need to do a detox?

Please check the box if you have this problem :

Do you offer suffer from headaches or migraines?
Do you sometimes have watery or itchy eyes, or swollen, red or sticky eye lids?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
Do you sometimes have itchy ears, earache, ear infections, drainage from the ears or ringing in the ears?
Do you suffer from excessive mucus, a stuffy nose or sinus problems?
Do you suffer from acne, skin rashes or hives?
Do you sweat a lot and have strong body odour?
Do you sometimes have joint or muscle aches and pains?
Do you have sluggish metabolism and find it hard to lose weight or are you underweight and find it hard to gain weight?
Do you often suffer from frequent or urgent urination?
Do you suffer from nausea or vomiting?
Do you often have a bitter taste in your mouth or a furry tongue?
Do you have a strong reaction to alcohol?
Do you suffer from bloating?
Does coffee leave you jittery or unwell?

Your score = /15     Calculate

If you scored less than 4 you are unlikely to have a problem with detoxification.
If you scored between 4-7 you are beginning to show signs of poor detoxification and need to improve your detox potential.
If you scored 7 or more it is recommended that you need to improve your detoxification process.

Please consult Koru nutrition inc about having an individualized detox program tailored to your needs.Please go to the Koru Nutrition supplement store to purchase:

Cleanse Max kit (Advanced Total Body cleansing system by Advanced Naturals) $35.95

Do not start acleanse if you are constipated. Please read all information on the cleanse as outlined in the store before purchasing it

Are you insulin resistant? (please tick the box if 'YES')

Are you rarely wide awake within 20 minutes of getting up?
Do you need tea coffee, a cigarette or something to get your going in the morning?
Do you really like sweet foods?
Do you crave bread, cereal, popcorn, or pasta most days?
Do you feel as if you need an alcoholic drink on most days?
Are you overweight and unable to shift the extra pounds?
Do you often have energy slumps during the day or after meals?
Do you often have mood swings or have difficulty concentrating?
Do you fall asleep in the early evening, or need naps during the day?
Do you avoid exercise because you haven't got the energy?
Do you get dizzy or irritable if you go six hours without food?
Do you often find you over react to stress?
Do you often get irritable, angry, aggressive expectantly?
Is your energy now less than what it should be?
Do you get night sweats or frequent headaches?
Do you ever lie about how much sweet foods you have eaten?
Do you ever keep a supply of sweet food close to hand?
Do you ever go out of your way to make sure you get something sweet?
Do you feel you could never give up bread?
Do you think of yourself as addicted to sugar, chocolate or biscuits?

If you answered "yes" to 10 or more questions there is a good chance you are insulin resistant and are struggling to keep you blood sugars even (taken from Holford, Patrick The low-GL diet Bible).

To help improve insulin sensitivity you need to eat 5 small meals a day with protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal and to increase insulin sensitivity go to the Koru Nutrition supplement store to purchase:
Chromium (from AOR) $19.95

Do you suffer from a yeast overgrowth/candida?


If you have the following problems please tick the box

Have you taken Tetracylcline (or other antibiotics) for 2 months or longer (25 points)
Have you at any time in your life taken "broad spectrum" antibiotics for respiratory, urinary or other infections for 2 months or longer, or in shorter courses 4 or more times in a 1 year period. (20 points)
Have you at any time in your life been troubles by persistent vaginal problems or had 3 or more episode of vaginitis in a year? (25 points)
Have you been pregnant more than twice? ( 5 points)
Have you been pregnant once (3 points)
Have you taken birth control pills for more than 2 years (15 points)
Have you been taking birth control pills for 6 months to 2 years (18 points)
Have you taken Predisone, Decadron or other cortisone type drugs for more than 2 weeks (15 points)
Have you taken Predisone, Decadron or other cortisone type drugs for less than 2 weeks (6 points)
Does exposure to perfumes, insecticides, fabric shop odours and other chemicals provoke moderate to severe problems? (20 points)
OR mild symptoms? (5 points)
Are your symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in mouldy places? (20 points)
Have you had persistent athletes foot, "jock itch" or other fungal infections of the skin or nails? Have such infections been severe or persistent (20 points)
OR mild to moderate (10 points)
Do you crave sugar (10 points)
Do you crave breads (10 points)
Do you crave alcohol (10 points)
Does tobacco smoke really bother you (10 points)

Section A total =      Calculate A

SECTION B: Major symptoms

For each symptom present, enter the appropriate number of points in the point score column
If the symptom is mild score 3 point,
If the symptom is moderate score 6 point,
If the symptom is severe or disabling score 9 point.

Point score

Symtoms Mild (3) Moderate (6) Severe (9)
Fatigue or lethargy -
Feeling of being drained -
Poor memory -
Feeling spacey or unreal -
Depression -
Numbness, burning or tingling -
Muscle aches -
Muscle weakness -
Abdominal pain -
Constipation -
Diarrhea -
Bloating -
Troublesome with vaginal discharge -
Persistent vaginal burning or itching -
Prostatitis (inflamed or enlarged prostate) -
Impotence -
Loss of sexual feeling -
Endrometriosis -
Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) -
Premenstrual tension -
Spots in front of eyes -
Erratic vision -

Section B total =      Calculate B

SECTION C : Other symptoms

For each symptom which is present, enter the appropriate number of points in the point score column
If the symptom is mild score 1 point,
If the symptom is moderate score 2 point,
If the symptom is severe or disabling score 3 point.

Point score

Symtoms Mild (1) Moderate (2) Severe (3)
Drowsiness -
Irritability or jitteriness -
Lack of coordination -
Inability to concentrate -
Frequent mood swings -
Headache -
Dizziness/loss of balance -
Pressure above the ears/feeling as though your head is swelling and/or tingling -
Itching -
Rashes -
Heartburn -
Indigestion -
Belching and intestinal gas -
Mucus in stools -
Hemorrhoids -
Dry mouth -
Blisters or a rash in the mouth -
Bad breath -
Joint swelling/arthritis -
Nasal congestion or discharge -
Post nasal drip -
Nasal itching -
Sore or dry throat -
Cough -
Pain or tightness in chest -
Wheezing or shortness of breath -
Urinary urgency or frequency -
Burning on urination -
Failing vision -
Burning or tearing eyes -
Recurrent ear infections -
Fluid in ears -
Ear pain or deafness -
History of grommets -

Section C total =      Calculate C

Grand Total : ( A+B+C ) =

Evaluating the score (Grand Total):
Note that the scoring will be different for men and women since seven questions apply exclusively to women, while only 2 apply to men.

Over 180 (women)/140 (men) = Candida almost certainly plays a role in causing your health problems.
Over 120 (women)/90(men) = Candida probably plays a role in causing your health problems.
60-120 (women)/40-90 (men) = Candida possibly plays a role in causing your health problems.
Less than 60 (women) /40 (men) = Candida is less apt at playing a significant role in causing your health problems.

To complete a candida cleanse you will need to follow a strict candida diet as well as implementing a candida supplement kit.

Please go to the Koru's virtual dispensary to purchase:
Candida Therapy Kit (Advanced Naturals) $39.95

Have I got parasites?

Do any of the following regularly apply to you?

Excess gas
Abdominal fullness
Diarrhea or irregular bowel motions
Abdominal cramps or pain
Unexplained fevers
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) such as colitis or Chrons disease
Teeth grinding
Weight loss (unexplained by any change in diet)
Rectal bleeding
Joint and/or muscle aches and pains
Food intolerances
Owning pets
Having children who visit other children who have pets
Frequent international travel
Drinking only tap water
History of previous parasitic infections (even if treated)
History of travellers' diarrhea
History of family members with parasites
Difficulty overcoming intestinal yeast growth

Your score = /25     Calculate

The questionnaire does not diagnose parasites, rather it highlights the possibility that parasites are present. Therefore a high score is suggestive of a need to consider a test to identify them. If parasites exist then it may prove very important to address and not just any food intolerance issues, especially as that may contribute to an ongoing risk of food intolerance to any foods you consume regularly.

0-5: No parasite problem identified.
6-9: There possibly could be unwanted parasites in your digestive tract. Speak to your health practitioner about completing further testing.
10-14: There is the possibility of parasites but you should undergo a food elimination diet for 4 weeks if there is no change then you may need to look at implementing a parasite cleanse.
15 or more: You should undergo a stool analysis to test for unwanted parasites, yeast and bacteria. Once a parasite has been identified it is recommended that you undergo the food elimination diet and parasite cleanse.

Please go to the Koru's virtual dispensary to purchase:
Parasite Therapy Kit (Advanced Naturals) $39.95

Sress Test

Do you eat more when stressed than when not stressed? (10 points)
Do you worry over job, income or money problems? (10 points)
Are any of your relationships causing stress? (10 points)
Do you feel anxious? (10 points)
Do you often get upset when things go wrong? (5 points)
Do you lash out at others? (5 points)
Do you feel your sex drive is lower than normal for you? (5 points)
Do you feel isolated or lonely? (3 points)
Do you have difficulties getting to or remaining asleep? (5 points)
Do feel you have no energy especially during midafternoon? (3 points)
Is it difficult to get up in the mornings, do you feel like you are dragging yourself out of bed? (10 points)
Do you feel your thoughts are less focused, memory is poor and have difficulty concentrating? (10 points)

Your score =      Calculate

If you scored between 0-19 stress levels are low and not a concern
If you scored between 20 and 40 you have moderate stress levels and you may want to consider looking at some of the supplements below to help manage your stress.

If you scored 40 or more you have a high stress levels. When under high stress your body uses up nutrients a lot quicker especially the B vitamins, vitamin C, Calcium and magnesium. Your adrenals can be working overtime causing excess cortisol to be produced which in turn has numerous health problems in the body. It is recommended that you adhere to a stress supplement protocol.

Please go to the Koru's virtual dispensary to purchase:
RelaxMax Cherry (Xymogen) $42.95
Adreno Pro Charge Yourself (Can Prev) $39.95

Please note that this questionnaire is to be used as a guideline and by no means is meant to diagnose health conditions or disease. Please contact your health practitioner or Koru nutrition inc if you have any questions or concerns.