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Koru Nutrition Inc. is one of the leading nutrition companies in Ontario specializing in the areas of neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury and brain injury as well as mental health, chronic pain, sleep issues, hormonal health, weight management and digestive issues.

Koru Nutrition Inc.

To eat better is to maximize your health and well-being! Food is our basic foundation. We are what we eat. After an injury or struggling with a health condition our body is forced to cope with the many symptoms and problems that come with this including psychological stress, pain, insomnia, depression, weight variations and biochemical and hormonal changes.

Every single person is genetically and metabolically different, right down to the cellular level. At Koru Nutrition Inc., we believe your nutrition needs should be based on your individual biological makeup, lifestyle, culture, individual preferences and nutritional needs. Koru Nutrition provides comprehensive assessments and body composition testing that enables us to provide a nutrition approach and plan that will work for you!

Koru Nutrition is based on the principle of providing quick, easy and cost-effective nutrition solutions - which are easily-obtained and easily-sustained. We are dedicated to providing individualized nutrition programs tailor-made to a client's specific needs through diet and natural, whole foods. Our nutritionists are friendly and professional and strive to educate individuals on how everyday eating can be simple, cost effective and delicious.

What Can Proper Nutrition Do For You?

Transform you! You might be surprised at how much nutrition can affect and change your health and well-being. Many times we tend to accept what is abnormal or less than optimum as ‘normal’ since it has been with us for so long.
Good nutrition can help you change and shape your body to what you want – and can also help to change your mood, energy levels, behaviours, sleep, mental and physical performance. Proper nutrition, as we teach at Koru Nutrition Inc, can reduce and even eliminate many of your symptoms and problems.

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